This year is a marathon, not a sprint. Our pledge drive will be held open for any families that are not able to contribute at this time and would like to do so later in the year.

We are fortunate to have school leadership with a vision and plan for this year of distance learning and an eventual return to campus. The FFO is here to support Jerabek so that our teachers and administrators have the resources needed to support our children.

In preparation for this school year, the FFO has already funded …

  • Engage New York Math Curriculum, Online Access and Workbooks for Every Student
  • Fundations Phonics Materials
  • Online Lucy Calkins Curriculum
  • STEM Virtual Learning
  • Earbuds for Every Student
  • Distance Learning School Supplies

  • Our goal continues to be $350 per family or just $2 per school day. However, all contributions are welcome and will be utilized to benefit your child’s education.

    Donation Level

    Monthly payment options:

    Family Giving Levels

    Donations of any amount (big or small) are welcome.  Click here to give …