Welcome to Jerabek Elementary 2021-2022 enrichment programs!

Jerabek FFO is proud to facilitate before and after-school extracurricular classes on campus. These classes will provide enriching before and after-school care for your student at a low cost and a small portion of each enrollment helps support the FFO.

All enrichment registration is now hosted through Homeroom.

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  • Please inform your child’s teacher (especially if a TK or K student) if he/she is attending a program and which one.
  • All TK and Kindergarteners will be picked up by the program instructors from their individual classrooms after school and walked over the program classroom. Students 1-5 grade should meet the instructor at the enrichment classroom/space after the bell.
  • Please pack a snack or lunch for your child. Immediately prior to the start of all after school programming instruction, your child will have a supervised snack or lunch break by the program instructors. If your child has a food allergy, please inform the instructor at the first class meeting.
  • At the end of the class, your child will need to be picked up promptly from the front gate of school, parents are not allowed on campus. The enrichment instructor will bring the students to the front gate for pickup. If your child is going to SAY or Classic Kids after the program, please inform the instructor at the first class meeting, so they can make sure your child safely arrives at the correct destination. Each individual program is responsible for you child while in their care. The school office is closed.

If you have any questions regarding a program, please contact each program directly.

For general information questions, enrichment suggestions or to volunteer to help facilitate offering these great programs at Jerabek, please contact FFO Jerabek Enrichment at JerabekEnrichment@gmail.com.