Square 1 Art is Back!

Square 1 Art has been a fabulous fundraiser for the Jerabek FFO. Keepsakes are created from your student’s beautiful artwork ranging from mugs to ornaments and serve as great gifts for family! Click here to view items.

Because some students may be or may have been absent when the teacher leads the art lesson, there is a “Square 1 Box for absent students” in the front office with materials and instructions.

Please submit your student’s completed masterpiece back to the box in the front office in the “completed” file folder by Friday, October 15. Again, this is only for students who were absent during the Square 1 Art project.  If your student was not absent, there is no action needed.

Please refer to the “Square 1 Do’s and Dont’s” for further tips! Need inspiration? You could also see these “art ideas” for more examples. And, check out this popular, family friendly art video called “Art for Kids Hub” on YouTube.  
Questions? Email our Square1Art Coordinator: gracie.modica@gmail.com