1. Have FUN! Running Club is not a race.
  2. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves – NO PUSHING!
  3. No kicking dirt – pick your feet up!
  4. Stay on the track – do not cut the field. If you do, your laps won’t
  5. Stay out of the trees/trails.
  6. If you need to walk, please stay to the right side of the track.
  7. Parents: if not running with your child, please stand against the fence to stay out of the way of runners.
  8. Parents: for the safety of students, no running with strollers, please!
  9. Running Club will end promptly at 8:30am. Parents: please exit out the back Running Club gate by 8:30am. You cannot exit through the front gate, as it will already be closed. Thank you!

Running Club is a privilege, not a right and can be taken away if rules are broken. We need to follow the rules so everyone stays safe and has fun!