Jerabek Running Club

In order to promote health and fitness for our children, Running Club is offered Monday through Friday from 8:15 – 8:30 everyone morning on the Jerabek track (unless the the track is wet or it is raining). Your child will earn a ticket for every lap which equals a 1/4 mile. Miles are tallied by your classroom Running Club volunteer, and certificates will come home periodically with your child’s current totals. At the end of the year, medals and trophies will be awarded for accomplishing certain milestones, with the minimum award starting at 25 miles.

Running time is strictly between 8:15 – 8:30. A five minute warning will be called out.

No tickets will be distributed after the 8:30 bell. This is strictly enforced.

Please do not climb the hill around the track or go into bushes.

Please do not kick up dirt or throw rocks.

Please do not jump in puddles or get other children wet.

This is a fun program which promotes physical fitness and the children really enjoy it.  Please follow current school guidelines with regard to parent and volunteer access to the school grounds.