Kindness is the KEY at Jerabek! Kindness to our friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers, the environment, our own body and mind, and especially in our hearts!

Jerabek Kindness Squad is kicking off our first Kindness Week of 2018 on January 8. As we kick off the year, let’s start now by taking a minute to celebrate our Jerabek culture of Kindness with a week of fun!

Kindness Week kickoffs Monday with “Kindness In Mind” classroom activities all week long including class read aloud, craft projects, playground chalk art creations, mindfulness exercises, and more. Books with the Kindness theme are available on a special table in the library.

Throughout the week, kids and teachers can keep an eye out and CATCH OTHERS BEING KIND. The “Caught Being Kind” tags (found on posters around the school) can be redeemed by the recipient after school at the Kindness Squad tables for Jelly bracelets – collect all the colors!

Friday is our Kindness Rally and Popsicle Dance party. Join us 2:15
2:45pm for a special program wrapping up the week.

Please ask your student to wear their new Kindness Squad Jerabek tshirt (or any green shirt). Tshirts are on sale before and after school every Monday and Wednesday.

Parents welcome!

Thanks to the Jerabek Kindness Squad and the entire Jerabek Student Council and Principal Joiner. For more information, reach out to Laura Stephens at

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