One of the ways for families to become familiar with science is through Family Science Nights. These fun-filled evenings provide an environment and structure where families can comfortably explore, experiment and talk about science. Families that participate in these evenings have a greater understanding of the importance of science in their child’s life. Parents and teachers can then work together to improve attitudes towards science and encourage students to build a strong scientific foundation that will serve them well in upper grades and college.

Each grade level will have a science night during the school year.

Kindergartners will help Captain Peabody become more environmentally friendly so he can become a member of his ship’s “Green Team”
1st Graders will be assisting Dr. McCoy while he gives the Starship Crew a health check-up before they leave on their 5 year space mission
2nd Graders will be helping the CIA find a notorious spy by the name of Boris Stroganoff, and determine how he broke into a top-secret safe.
3rd graders have been asked to help NASA welcome Alien visitors and teach them about planet Earth.
4th graders will be helping the San Diego Police Department with a crime scene investigation that involves a rare gold coin collection
5th graders have been invited to Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory for a “Spooktacular” night of science fun
This year Family Science Nights will be funded by your Super Pledge donation. Your donation is essential for the continuation of the Family Science Night Program. We will not request a separate donation for Family Science Nights.