ART CORPS™ ends a year of creative learning with an Art Show!

The Art Show provides a forum for children to publicly display some of their best artwork from the school year. This Jerabeck annual event showcases artwork from every single child at our school. Additionally, the Art Show provides students and their families with an appreciation and exposure to art in a positive non-judgmental way.

This year, the Art Show will be held on May 23, 2019 in conjunction with Open House! The Art Show will be located in the Auditorium. All students will have a piece of artwork hung in the show. Each piece will be custom matted and hung by Art Corps Volunteers. Please join us! The students have a great sense of pride when family & friends make the time to see their artwork.

ART CORPS™ is truly more than a curriculum. It is a school-wide partnership that involves our amazing teachers, creative students and giving parents, who volunteer their time.

Art Show Coordinators 2018-19:

Amanda Crider,

Holly Hanks,

If you are interested in helping with the Art Show, please contact Amanda Crider, Holly Hanks or Johanna Secrest – Art Corps Coordinator: