Volunteers Needed to Teach Art Corps!

Please help bring art into our wonderful school. This is a short-time commitment that leaves a life-long positive impression.

ART CORPS™ is a comprehensive, developmental curriculum that teaches artistic fundamentals by bringing hands-on art experience into the classroom. The success of this program depends upon parent, guardian or grandparent volunteers who are trained at ART CORPS™ Workshops held at Jerabek.

These easy-to-teach lessons and informative workshops, help thoroughly prepare any volunteer for success in bringing art to your child’s classroom.

You do not need a teaching or art background! Lessons, manuals and materials are provided. Volunteers attend 1-hour workshops, 1 time a month, lead by ART CORPS™ Workshop Leaders. Every volunteer is given the opportunity to learn how to implement and teach the lessons. We ask that volunteers set aside approximately 1-2 hours, 1 time a month, in order to teach the 8-10 art lessons throughout the school year.

ART CORPS™ Class volunteers work collaboratively with one another in teaching the lessons and assisting children in class. We end the ART CORPS™ Program with a school-wide Art Show. Every single Jerabek student will have an art piece exhibited in the Art Show.

We need volunteers now and welcome volunteers throughout the year.

If you have any questions or need more information contact:
ART CORPS™ Coordinator: Johanna Secrest – jerabekartcorps@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator: Ellen Erenea – erenea@gmail.com
For more information about ART CORPS™, visit www.artcorpssd.com.