WHIZ KIDS  Aerobic Dance Team

Whiz Kids, a dance/exercise program fun for all Jerabekians, is back by popular demand!

Join our very own Librarian, Miss Ruth (aka Whiz Kids teacher), for an energetic program designed with fun & fitness in mind. Children work on cardio and muscle strength, flexibility and coordination, all while dancing and moving to the beat!

Classes meet in-person on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm at Jerabek Park.

Contact Miss Ruth (RuthFit2Go@gmail.com) to find out more about Whiz Kids class and how your child can participate…

Whiz Kids’ goals for children:
1. Increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
2. Develop a love for physical fitness through aerobic dance & exercise.
3. Improve academic skills through consistent rhythmic movement.
4. Learn basic coordination, flexibility and balance through choreographed routines.
5. Have fun while exercising in a noncompetitive, safe environment.
6. Perform opportunities… Holiday Show & Jerabek’s Ranch Round Up
7. Play aerobic games and learn choreographed aerobic routines…FUN!

To register, e-mail Ruth Burr, Certified Fitness Instructor at RuthFit2Go@gmail.com