Collect Box Tops to Support Jerabek

The first Box Top collection of the year is coming up now through October 22.

It’s submission time! Scour your house for Box Tops. You can find them on Ziplock boxes, Gogurt, Campbell’s soup cans, and many other items in your cupboard. Collecting Box Tops is an easy way to raise money for Jerabek. We use the money collected from turning in Box Tops to buy playground equipment, and help fund Family Math and Science nights.

Box Top collection deadline is fast approaching for the fall! Please have all turned in by Monday, October 22!!! Look for Box Tops on hundreds of products. They come in all shapes and sizes and each one is worth 10¢ for our school!

They don’t need to be clipped perfectly… just make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration dates. Expired Box Tops don’t count.

The class that collects the most will receive a popsicle party so encouraging all to participate is beneficial.

How to Turn Box Tops in:

Every classroom has a Box Top container/bag/envelope that your child can place their Box Tops in. Box Tops must have valid dates so please toss any expired Box Tops. Also, they must be trimmed where indicated by the dashed lines. Room parents or a designated parent from your child’s class can bundle the Box Tops into groups of 50 and place in baggies.

Please contact Brooke Sweeney with any questions.