The Family Faculty Organization of Jerabek Elementary School, or FFO, is an organization similar to a PTA, made up of parents, community members, and staff who work together to provide students with added enrichment to their existing curriculum. Everyone who has a child at Jerabek is automatically a member of the FFO.

The FFO bridges the annual gap on hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding that is not given to school, teachers, and families due to service area’s median incomes. 97 cents of every dollar donated to the FFO goes directly back into programs and services for Jerabek Elementary families.

The FFO consists of its Members, the FFO Board, the FFO Executive Board, and the FFO Programs/ Fundraisers. The enrichment can take the form of supplies, and programs such as Art Corps or aides in our Library and Computer Labs. The FFO Programs each have a designated purpose. They are chaired by parents and can represent enrichment or fundraising or both. Some examples are: Yearbook,  Ranch Round-up, Family Math and Family Science Nights, Pledge Drive.

The FFO Board meets monthly to discuss all matters of FFO business. Officers on this Board are the President, President-Elect, Past-President, Treasurers, Secretary, the Vice-Presidents, the Members-at-Large, Administration and Faculty Representatives. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend any Board meeting. FFO meetings are generally held the first Friday of each month at 8:15am. The FFO is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

How can you help your child’s education?

Jerabek Elementary is known for parent participation. Those who are able, donate their time and resources to help enrich their childens’ educations. Whether it is spending time in a classroom helping a teacher, chaperoning on a field trip, or helping with a school-wide event or fundraiser, the Jerabek Elementary appreciates its volunteers.

In this time of state educational budget reductions, schools have had to do with less. This is why the FFO provides the funds to give the students the best possible education with enrichment programs and services. Just the direct student enrichment programs and services in 2017-2018 are projected to cost more than $350 per pupil, plus additional “non-student” expenses for general operating expenses such as this website, the School Directories, insurance, etc. The FFO needs your financial support to keep these programs in place for your child.

For more information on the programs that your child receives from the FFO, see Programs.

Mission Statement

The objectives of the FFO are to furnish the students an enhanced education in academics and citizenship through enrichment programs, by means of personal participation and financial contributions; and to inform participants concerning all aspects of the FFO programs of the School. The FFO shall plan and execute fundraising events for the purpose of meeting this objective, and shall budget, disburse and account for funds raised in support of the School.